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Samode :: City Information

Best Travel Duration

October to March

About Samode

Unlike the other havelis of Rajasthan, the Samode Palace does not belong to any royal family but a family of noblemen, the Rawals of Samode. It is about four hundred years old, and has some new additions and modifications. This family traces its descent to Prithvi Singh of Amber (1503-1528), the seventeenth prince of the house of Kachwaha Rajputs, who in turn trace their descent to Lord Rama. Gopal Singh, one of the 12 sons of Prithvi Singh, was given Samode, which owed loyalty to the rulers of Amber and Jaipur. These noblemen of Samode were bestowed the title of 'Maha Rawal', in place of just 'Rawal' by the royal family for their bravery and loyalty towards the royal family.

Places to Visit

Samode Palace

Description: Samode Palace

The small village of Samode is nestled among rugged hills about 50km north of Jaipur. This building was owned by the Rawal of Samode.
It's an intersting building build on three level,s each with its own courtyard. The highlight is the exquisite Diwan-i-Khas, which is covered with original painting and mirrorwork.

How To Get To Samode

By Air:


The nearest airhead is Jaipur from where flights can be taken for the other important cities of India. Major cities that are connected with Jaipur by air are Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur.

By Rail:


Jaipur is the nearest railhead that links Samode with the other parts of the country. There are several good trains that connect Jaipur with Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta.

By Road:


The distance from Jaipur to Samode is 42 kilometers. From Jaipur one can drive out on the highway to Bikaner. Samode can be reached after taking a left turn from a village called Chomu. The Samode Palace is only about 10 km from this village. Samode is connected to the other places in Rajasthan through state transport corporation buses.