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Sasangir :: City Information

Best Travel Duration

November to June.

History of Sasangir

The Sasangir National Park and Lion Sanctuary in the Kathiwad peninsula of Gujarat has the distinction of being the last earthly refuge of the majestic Asiatic lion (Panthera leo). It is home of some 300 lions of this close to being extinct Asiatic species. The Park is a popular tourist destination, with some sixty thousand wide-eyed tourists visiting the Park in the hope of catching a glimpse of the proud and rare lion in 1999-2000. Apart from the Asiatic Lions, the park is also home to large number of chitals, chinkara, leopard, wild ass and many other animals.

Places to Visit at Sasangir

Sasangir National Park

Description: Sasangir National Park , Lions

Description: Sasangir National Park

Description: Sasangir National Park

Sasangir is the only place in the world outside the African continent where the lion can be seen in its natural habitat. It alone draws hordes of visitors to the park each year. Much of the Asiatic Lion’s time is spent snoozing where the shade is deepest, while the lionesses do the stalking, hunting and cub raising. But, when a kill is made, he is the first to come and claim his share.

Other Animals: The Gir forest is also home to a large number of other fascinating species like the leopard, chital, chinkara (gazelle), wild boar, wild ass, nilgai, spotted deer, and four-horned antelope. It is also a good place to watch monkeys, parrots, and India’s national bird, the peacock. A crocodile-rearing and research centre also flourishes adjacent to Sinh Sadan Lodge, where hatchlings are reared and then released into their natural habitat.

Jeep Safaris:Jeep Safaris are very popular with tourists who are enchanted with the idea of a ride in the wilds! However one needs a permit, which is issued on the spot at the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge office before setting off on the jungle trail.

Other Attractions: Gir forest area also includes the Nalsarovar Lake and Sanctuary, where birds like paradise flycatcher, back-headed cuckoo, pied woodpecker, various species of eagles, painted sand grouse, bush quail, flamingo, partridge, parrot, and peacock may be seen. The park also has a small temple dedicated to Lord Krishna near the Tulsi Shyam springs.

How To Get To Sasangir

By Air:


Keshod is the nearest airport from Sasangir via Veraval. Daily flights are also available from Mumbai to Keshod.

By Rail:


The nearest railhead from Sasangir is Ahmedabad.

By Road:


Sasangir is well connected with Ahmedabad via Rajkot, Junagadh and Mendarda. The state transport buses are also easily available from Junagadh and Veraval to Gir between November to June.