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Rishikesh :: City Information

Rishkesh - Weather

Best Travel Duration

Summer : Max 41.0C, Min 36.6C.
Winter : Max 32.2C, Min 18.3C.
Rainfall : 152.4 cm

Throughout the Year.

About Rishikesh

24 kms upstream on the banks of the Ganga where it is met by the Chandrabhaga is the holy town of Rishikesh. Literally, Rishi’s (holy man) locks, this small town is the point where the holy Ganges crashes down in full glory onto huge boulders and creates long stretches of white sandy beaches. The banks are lined with ashrams, where saints and holy men rested before beginning their arduous pilgrimage up into the snow-covered land of the gods. Rishikesh is essentially a combination of five different districts- Rishikesh the commercial centre, Muni-ki-reti in the quiet suburbs, Shivananda Nagar to the north, Lakshmanjhula with its holy shrines and Swarg Ashram where most of the ashrams are located.

Rishikesh is the lap of Hindu philosophy and learning, with several ashrams devoted to the understanding and propagation of the faith. Signs of religious rituals can be seen all over Rishikesh – in the numerous temples lining the banks of the Ganga, the mythological tales that you hear about various spots and even the shops that sell books and religious objects.

Rishikesh acquired prominence in the west when the Beatles generation was influenced by the foray of their idols into this Hindu spiritual heartland. Because Rishikesh is where the Beatles met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and began their quest for spiritual salvation. Even today, several foreign travellers besides the steady stream of Indian students visit the ashrams to study Hindu philosophy, yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. Every year in the beginning of February an international Yoga week is organised at Rishikesh by the Department of Tourism. Rishikesh is not only popular for its religious significance, but also as a base for devotees on their journey to the Char Dham Yatra (Tour of Four Pilgrim sites). Rishikesh is equally popular with adventure tourists heading for the tougher trekking trails to be found in the higher Himalayas.

Places to Visit

Lakshman Jhula

Description: Lakshman Jhula

The suspension iron bridge Lakshman Jhula was build in 1929 and has been a major attraction among the tourists to Rishikesh. This is where Rama's brother Lakshaman is said to have crossed the river on a jute ropes . One can enjoy the pictursque surroundings and the cool breeze from the River while standing on the bridge

Ram Jhula

Description: Ram Jhula

Another suspended bridge close to Lakshman Juhla is the Ram Jhula- This suspended bridge was recently build between Shivanand Ashram and Sawarg Ashram. It is similar to the Lakshman Jhula. Ram Juhla is also known as Shivanand Jhula.

Raghunath Mandir and Triveni Ghat

Description: Raghunath Mandir and Triveni Ghat

It is the most important places for religious ceremonies in Rishikesh. It is believed that the Ganga is joined here by the Yamuna and the Saraswati Rivers. Gegraphically, however, the Yamuna joins the Ganga in Allahabad. The dusk Aarti on the Triveni Ghat is most impressive. Barefoot, sorried ranks of devotees sit in rows on the steps of the Ghat. As the sun begins to set, plating the river with gold, bells and gongs ring and chants fill the air. A row of religious celebrants hold plates of flaming ghee, moving them in a circular salutation to the Goddess of the River. Devotees also release flower-filled leaf boats carrying tiny oil lamps and left them float out on the river. It is a ceremony of worship, rememberance and hope.

Gita Bhavan

Description: Gita Bhavan

This newly constructed building is famous for its attractive paintings and statues from the Hindu mythology. Situated just across the Lakshman Jhula.

Bharat Mandir


It is the oldest temple in Rishikesh. The image installed here has a distinctly Himalayan cast of features. Though the temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu, it holds a number of image normalley associated with the worship of Lord Shiva.



There are many important ashrams in Rishkesh. Most ashrams are centres for spiritual studies which also calls for Physical disciplines. Some ashrams, however, are monasteries. Among the better known ashrams are :- Paremarth Niketan, Sivanand Ashram, Yoga Niketan, Omkaranand Ashram, Vanprastha Ashram, Ved Niketan, Dayanand Vedanta Ashram, Vanmali Gita Yogashram, Shankaracharya Nagar Transcendental Meditatation Centre, Vithal Ashram and Yoga Study Centre.

How To Get To Rishikesh

By Air:


Nearest airport is Jolly Grant, 42 km.away in Dehradun district.

By Rail:


Haridwar, on Northern Railway's broad and meter gauge lines, is connected to major centers in the country by train. Rishikesh is also connected by meter gauge services to Haridwar.

By Road:


The UP Bus Roadways bus stand is at the south-west end of Station Rd. Regular services to Haridwar from Delhi, Dehra Dun (capital of Uttaranchal), and other state centers.