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Lamayuru :: City Information

Best Travel Duration

June to September

History of Lamayuru

Lamayuru monastery popularly known as, "Yangdrung Gomp" is situated 126 km west of Leh, on the Leh - Srinagar highway. In ancient times there was a huge lake in this place. The great saint Nyimagung, made a prophesy saying: " May a monastery be founded in this place" and he then offered a votive water offering to all the naga serpent spirits who were the guardians of that place

Fairs & Festivals of Lamayuru

Lamayuru Festival

About the Festival

There is a custom whereby each year on the 17th and 18th of the 15th Tibetan month the festival of the so called "Yangdrung Kabgyat" is held during which sacred mask dances are performed and the rituals of hurling a votive offering is observed . At this time many people from the districts of Sham (Lower valley) and Stod (upper valley) assemble there in their colourful best to witness the festival.


Places to Visit at Lamayuru


Description: Lamayuru monastery

In this monastery there are various shrines to be seen, including Metal statues and clay statues, thangkas and wall paintings. While circumambulating the gompa you can catch the sight of the village and surroundings.

How To Get To Lamayuru

By Air:


Leh at 126 km is the nearest airport.

By Road:


Lamayuru is situated in Srinagar - Leh Highway