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Indore :: City Information

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About Indore

Situated on one of India's oldest pilgrimage routes from Mahakaal at Ujjain on river Kshipra, to Omkareshwar on the river Narmada and onwards to Rameshwaram, Indore was a convinient resting place.

It was on the route of the Marathas of Deccan on their way to North India. These Maratha guerilla warriors were in constant battle with the Mughal empire. Their army transit camps here attracted the local Zamindars (landlords) who, drawn by the promise of lucrative trade, settled in the villages on the confluence of the Khan and Saraswati rivers, thereby laying the foundation of this commerce centre in 1715. In 1741, temple of Indreshwar was erected in the town, from which it derives the name Indore.

The trade centre grew rapidly under the Holkar dynasty (1733-1818). The remains of their two century old palace still stand in the main square (called Rajwada). The city became the capital of the Indore princely state in 1818 after the British forces under Sir John Malcolm defeated the Holkars led by Rani Krishnabai Holkar at Mahidpur. She signed the treaty of Mandsaur by which the control of Indore went in the hand of the East India Company. Between 1948 and 1956, Indore served as the summer capital of the former Madhya Bharat state. Currently, it is the commercial capital of M.P.

Places to Visit at Indore



Kasturbagram, 8 km from Indore, houses the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, which was founded by Mahatma Gandhi. This trust has dedicated itself to rural development and its activities are on the principles laid down by Mahatma Gandhi.



Built by Qudsia Begum's daughter Sikander Jahan Begum in 1860 A.D., the Moti Masjid is similar in style to Delhi's Jama Masjid. The mosque is smaller in size than the Jama Masjid, and has two dark red minarets crowned by golden spikes.

Town of Maheshwar


The town of Maheshwar is famous for its fort and temples and the saris produced by the local weavers. These intricately patterned silk saris of Maheshwar are called Maheshwari. Travelers having a taste for traditional Indian handicraft can buy saris from local shops. It takes about 4 hours from Indore to reach here by bus.



Mandu is a town famous for its medieval buildings, which include palaces, tombs, temples and a fort. It takes about 3½ hours from Indore to reach here by bus.

How to Get to Indore

By Air:


Indore has an airport on the western side of the town and is air-linked with Mumbai, Delhi via Bhopal and Gwalior.

By Rail:


Indore is well connected to Delhi and Mumbai by rail.

By Road:


Indore is well connected by road with Ujjain, Bhopal, Dhar , Mandu, Omkareshwar, Aurangabad, Ajanta and Mumbai.