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Spituk :: City Information

Best Travel Duration

May to October

History of Spituk

Every year, on the 17th and 19th day of the 11th Bodhi month, the Gelukpa order of monks celebrate Spituk Gustor. During the festival the lamas, wearing the masks of the deities invoked, perform tantric dances, which depict the struggle between good and evil. Natural catastrophes are also seen off with the performance of mystical rites.

Places to Visit at Spituk

Spituk Monastery

Description: Spituk Monastery

The Spituk Gonpa "Exemplary"; 7km. to southwest of Leh, was founded by Od-Ide, in the 11th century AD; when the monastic community was introduced. Meanwhile, Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo (the great translator) visited this monastery. In those days the Gonpa belonged to the Kadampa School but Gelukpa order was introduced during the reign of king Dragspa Bum-Lde, when Lama Lhawang Lotus restored the monastery. The "Spituk Gustor" takes place in the courtyard of the monastery, on the 18th and 19th of the 11th month of Tibetan Calendar

How To Get To Spituk

By Air:


Leh is the nearest airport.

By Road:


Spituk is connected with Leh  and Srinagar.