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Rizong :: City Information

Best Travel Duration

March to September

History of Rizong

Alchi represents a rare survival, it's 800 year old murals and giant Boddhisatva figures covering every inch of wall space. Even the carved woodwork on the exterior is in remarkably good shape, probably due to the dessicated climate. Whereas some parts have been retouched in the 16th century, even in the unrestored portions, the colours are as bright as if painted the day before, the pigments preserved by the near total absence of sunlight in the interiors. Sometime in it's history, for unknown reasons, Alchi was abandoned as a living center of worship and this too contributed in no small measure too it's survival. Nowadays, the essential religous functions are carried out by two monks on deputation from Likir gompa.

Places to Visit at Rizong

Rizong Gompa

Description: Rizong Gompa

Rizong is about 4 miles along a steep, rocky track from the main road is the start of the area with the nunnery of Julochen and the gompa of Rizong. The gompa, belongs to the Gelukpa.

How To Get To Rizong

By Air:


Leh is the nearest airport.

By Road:


Rizong are connected with Leh  and Srinagar.