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Rajkot :: City Information

Rajkot - weather

Best Travel Duration

In Summer: 42°C (Max) - 24°C (Min)
In winter: 24°C (Max) - 10°C (Min)
Rainfall: 276 mm

October to March

About Rajkot

History of Rajkot

Rajkot (literally, the City of Princes) was founded in the year of 1610 by Vibhaji Jadeja and Raju Sandhi.

Located in the heart of Gujarat, the fascinating town of Rajkot was the capital of the princely state of Saurashtra. It was also reputed as a former British government headquarters where Mahatma Gandhi spent early years of his life. A peaceful town some 30-35 years back on the riverbank of Aji, today Rajkot is known as the "Paris of Saurashtra".

Places to Visit at Rajkot

Watson Museum and Library

Description: Watson Museum and Library

Located in the Jubilee Gardens, the museum is a good place to experience the heritage of Saurashtra. Two imperial lions flank the entrance. The museum offers copies of artifacts from Gumali, 13th-century carvings, temple statues, natural history exhibits, and dioramas of local tribal costumes and housing styles.

Kaba Gandhi No Delo


It is a place that still reverberates with the memories of Mahatma Gandhi's childhood. It now holds a permanent exhibition of Gandhian items that make it a distinct place to visit.

Rashtriya Shala


Started as a national educational institution, it is now managed by Saurastra Rachanatmak Samiti, a Gandhian co-operative society spearheading constructive and rural & cottage industrial activities. The complex is working hard to revive handicrafts and dying arts like Patola Weaving (Single Ikat ). It was established before the independence to train and prepare the students to participate in the struggle for freedom of the country.

Alfred High School ( Gandhi Vidyalaya )


Earlier, known as Alfred High School, it is a school with a chequered history. Established in 1853, Gandhiji had his secondary education from this school. It has an ' E ' shape building of one storey with Gothic Norman structure surrounded by an open play ground on all the sides.

Jagat Mandir

Description: Jagat Mandir

Jagat Mandir is the beautiful carved temple of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. It is made of red stones.

How To Get To Rajkot

By Air:


There is an airport in Rajkot and the major domestic airlines run flights between Rajkot and Mumbai. Indian Airlines has four flights a week to Mumbai while Jet and Sahara have daily flights.

By Rail:


Regular trains connect Rajkot to other important cities in Gujarat and India. There are trains for Delhi, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Cochin, Coimbatore, and Bhopal from Rajkot. There is also a meter-gauge service to Veraval

By Road:


The State Transport Corporation runs regular buses to and from Rajkot to other cities of Gujarat. There are buses for Jamnagar, Junagarh, Porbandar, Veraval, and Ahmedabad. There are a number of private bus operators connecting this city with Mumbai, Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Una, Mt Abu, and Udaipur.