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Hospet :: City Information

Best Travel Duration

August to February

About Hospet

Hospet now is a typical Karnataka country side city with dusty roads plenty of bullock carts, bicycles & dilapidated buses , but it has a great history attached to it.

The entire city of Hospet was once a part of the great Vijaynagar(now Hampi) empire. Hampi which is just 13 kms from Hospet was the capital of Vijaynagar which incidently was one of the largest Hindu empires in Indian history. The empire came to a sudden end in 1565 after the disatrous battle of Talikota when the city was ransacked by the confederacy of Deccan Sultans.

The remains of the ruins of this great empire can be still seen at Hampi & also at the Tungabhadra dam which was built by the Vijaynagar kings.

Places to Visit at Hospet

Tungabhadra Dam

Description: Tunghbhadra Dam

One of the great monuments in Indian history although nowadays one can find only ruins & things of little interest though to know the place tourist guides are available.


Description: Hampi

Hampi is just 13 kms away from Hospet.Hampi was once the capital of one of the largest Hindu empires in Indian history.Now one finds only the ruins of this great kingdom,there are two main points of entry to these so called ruins ,Hampi Bazaar & Kamalapuram & buses run frequently to these two placesz from Hospet.



If one is present at Hospet during Moharam then he should not miss the sight of "Firewalkers"who walk barefoot across the red-hot embers of a fire that's being going all day & night.Virtualy the whole town turns out to take part & the excitement takes a fever pitch around midnight.

How To Get To Hospet

By Air:


Hassan does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Bangalore, from where one can take flights to major destinations in India like Delhi, Calcutta, and Mumbai. One can also take connecting flights to destinations abroad from Bangalore.

By Rail:


Hospet is easily accessible through rail.

By Road:


The excellent road network connect Hospet to other major Indian cities like Bangalore, Bellary, Gadag, Bijapur, Hubli-Dharwar et al.