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Balrampur :: City Information

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May to October1

About Balrampur

The city was founded by BALRAM DAS after whom the state was named. The city had biggest Taluqdari in Oudh and rules by following rulers since 1777. Balrampur is famous for its sacred Buddhist and Jain heritage.

Places to Visit



Spread over an area of 400 acres is famous for its collection of ancient ruins.



Towards the Rapti River, a little north of Sahet, lies the ancient city of Mahet. The fortified entrance to Mahet is made of mud, constructed in a beautiful crescent shape. Then there is the well-known temple, Sobhnath temple, which houses the great Stupas. These Stupas reflect the Buddhist tradition and boast of the history of the monasteries here in Balrampur, which you can see through the tour packages for Balrampur.

Jeetavana monastery


Jeetavana monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the country is said to be one of the favorite’s sites of Gautam Buddha. It contains the 12th century inscriptions. The site is said to be so religious that the Emperor Ashoka, the great, visited this site. Nearby there is also a sacred tree of Peepal. It is said that the tree is a sapling from the original Bodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya. This sacred place can be seen through the tour packages for Balrampur.

Shwetambar temple


It is said that Mahavira Jain, the founder of Jain religion, 'influenced' this place. It houses the famous Shwetambar temple.

How To Get To Balrampur

By Air:


The Convenient air terminal is Lucknow (134 Km )  

By Rail:


Rail travel is possible upto Balrampur.

By Road:


There are regular buses available.