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Aurangabad :: City Information


Aurangabad - Weather

Best Travel Duration

Summer: Max: 39C Min: 21.5C
Winter : Max: 31.3C Min: 10C
Rainfall : 557 mm

Throughout the Year, but best from July to March.

About Aurangabad

History of Aurangabad

The Mauryans ushered Buddhism in this region of India, which is evident from the profusion of numerous Buddhist cave temples in and around Aurangabad. Temples built by Satvahanna and Rashtrakuta rulers are located here. The famous caves of Ajanta are a part of this Buddhist tradition. The heritage of Aurangabad is linked with different Muslim rulers and dynasties of India. The city was founded in 1610, on the site of a village named Khirki, by a local Muslim noble Malik Amber. His son Fatah Khan ruled it and named the city as Fatehpur in 1626. Aurangzeb, the last great Mughal ruler, took over this city in 1653 and renamed it as Aurangabad. Due to its strategic location in peninsular India, Aurangzeb made Aurangabad his capital. He used this city as a base to quell the rising power of the Marathas.

Places to Visit at Aurangabad


Description: BIBI- KA MAQBARA

This poor-man’s Taj Mahal was built in 1679 by Aurangzeb’s son for Rabia-ud-Darani, Aurangzeb’s wife. It’s a cheap imitation in both design and execution – somehow it simply looks awkward and uncomfortable compared to the sophisticated balance of the Taj; and where the Taj has gleaming marble, this tomb has flaking paint. Nevertheless it’s an interesting building and the only example of Mughal architecture on the Deccan plateau.


Description: PANCHAKKI

This water mill takes its name from the mill which ones ground grain for pilgrims. In 1624 a Sufi saint and spiritual guide to Aurangzeb was buried here, and the pleasant garden with its series of fish- filled tanks serves as his memorial. It’s a cool, relaxing and serene place, although some travelers have thought it nothing more than “An unremarkable pair of Murky Pools “ The stream sometimes runs dry prior to the monsoons.

How To Get To Aurangabad

By Air:


The Airport is about 10km east on the Jana road. The NEPC Airways office is in the President Park Hotel, 2km Closer to the airport.

By Rail:


There are 2 direct trains daily to/from Mumbai. 

By Road:


There are MSRTC Buses From Aurangabad To Pune, Nasik, Indore and Mumbai. The MSRTC and MTDC also offer luxury overnight buses to Mumbai.