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Being a large country India has a variance of weather from snowcapped mountains to
Desterted sand dunes

The tourist season lasts from October to March. It is a pleasure to visit India during these cooler months, when the heat of summer is no more. Around this time, the usually wet areas of Northeast also become dry, making it easier to travel there. Even the hot South India is blessed with cool weather and rain on beaches in this peak season for India.

Summer (March to May)

While the summer can be very uncomfortable and draining in most parts of India, its the perfect time for visiting the mountains and hill stations, such as Manali and Nainital. The air there is fresh and soothing. If you're into seeing wildlife and spotting tigers in their natural environment, the summer is also the best time to visit India's national parks as the animals all come out of the thickets in search for water in the heat.

Monsoon (June to October)

Its difficult to travel throughout most of India during monsoon time as the rain often disrupts transport services. However, its the best time to visit popular but isolated Ladakh in the far north, as the roads leading there dont clear of snow and open up until June. This is just one of many great destinations for monsoon travel in India.

Winter (November to February)

The winter season is the time to hit the beaches in India, and many people flock to relax and party on the long strip of beaches in Goa. India's far south is also best enjoyed in winter, with December to February being the only really good months to travel there. The rest of the time its either uncomfortably hot and humid, or wet. Apparently, it rains for an astonishing nine months of the year in the state of Kerala! It's also a good idea to travel to the desert state of Rajasthan during the winter, to avoid the searing summer temperatures. Unless you want to go skiing (which is possible in India!), anywhere around the Himalaya mountains should be avoided in winter because of the snow. It can be very beautiful to see though.